Monday, March 1, 2010

Etsy Monday: Baby Bedding

Continuring on with our Second Etsy Monday. I have so much fun searching for the coolest stuff. I admit it is a little dangerous though, it makes me want to shop shop shop. Just fight it Karli!!! And yes, I think I just referred to myself in third person.
No, I am not hinting at good news, there is no bun in the oven. Yet. I love baby stuff. It is all just too cute. I think about how I will decorate our nursery when we do have a baby. A little research ahead of time never hurt anyone, right...? There are so many ridiculously cute fabrics out there and I loved seeing how people created unique baby bedding out of them.  

  (Click on the photo to be directed to the "buy page"- I just invited that: "buy page", ya like.?)

I love the color mixing from Tiptoe Studios...

And her mobiles are to die for. I love fabric. I need to take sewing lessons. 
The next two are from SBauerBaby who customizes with some gorgeous fabrics, including my fav. Anna Maria Horner.

RockyTop Designs (I'm liking the name) has a ton of the best fabrics to chose from and she custom makes crib sets. You gotta check her stuff out. Sooo cute.

The Following four are from Custom House Baby...


Reversisble Baby/Toddler Quilts from Tiny & Little

Cute Moses Basket's by Lil Ladybug's

Click on the rest to find the source and be redirected to the sellers page. 





  1. The 2nd photo is my favorite! They didn't have such great stuff when my kiddos were in the crib! :(

  2. I'm 34 weeks pregnant and this is not good for me...this whole time I never even thought to look for crib stuff on etsy!

  3. Oh I am LOVING the little birds on branches mobile! I have definitely got a thing going right now with birds....it's getting out of control;)
    I just wanted to let you know that I've just posted a giveaway for a vintage painted bird plate if you want to take a peek :)

    Happy Monday!



  4. Love the little birds on the branch! Babies are so much more glamorous now than when I was a new mom! Fun fabrics everywhere! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  5. wow! i too LOVE the mobiles!!! so super adorable!!

  6. Hi Karli - thanks for your lovely comment on my kitchen. I picked my Belfast sink from a catalogue and it's made by Astracast. Hope you find one you like too!
    I really love the crib (or cot as we say in the UK) in picture 6 and I absolutely adore the fabric birds on the branches mobile. It's just gorgeous.
    And there's nothing wrong with being prepared before you're pregnant!
    Sam x

  7. Hi there, Your blog is great. I found you thru a comment you made on someone's blog. (Sorry I can't who's blog..lol)

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  11. I think I must start learning on how to sew. I would love to make some of these! Thanks for sharing such nice ideas.

  12. Really great stuff! I've been getting our baby bedding online and this stuff looks as high quality.

  13. These are so cool! I love the colors and the fabric that you used. This is really nice for babies.

  14. Just an FYI: SBauerBaby had her Etsy store closed down for not fulfilling orders. She has beautiful bedding but buyer beware if you order off her website!

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