Friday, March 12, 2010

DIY Spring Wreath

I was inspired by all of the cute wreaths I've been seeing out there. Since everyone is getting ready for spring, the pinecones are coming down and the flowers are coming out. I'm not a huge fan of fake flowers so I decided to go with a Mossy wreath. I stole the idea to put our last name intial in the middle from Morning T's wreath which you can see here on her house tour.

I started with a grape vine wreath from Michaels, and a $4 bag of moss. I just grabbed clumps of moss and starting hot glueing them to the wreath. I filled in all the wholes until it was comlete.

You can buy the letters at Michaels, I spray painted mine black then glued it to the moss. 

I purchased a mini nest, and glued some little eggs in it, and then just stuck the blue bird right in the moss. Ta Da. Easy but a tad messy from all the dirt falling off the moss when your glueing it. Make sure you use a table cloth that can get dirty.


  1. very beautiful!!
    i absolutely love nests and eggs and monograms! i will order one with a J please!
    great job!

  2. What a great looking wreath!! Great job!

  3. So cute! I made one with bright green reidneer moss but I may copy you and do the bird nest.

  4. wow!! I love it! Thanks for another great idea :)

    Happy weekend!


  5. This is so cute - the little nest and bird are the icing on the cake... eh... wreath. Love that idea!!

  6. This is sooo stinkin' cute! I can't wait to make my own!

  7. Darling wreath! I love to make wreaths and may use yours for inspiration. thanks for sharing.
    Herbal blessings, Mandy

  8. i cant wait to try this! i have been looking for something cool our front door!! where did you get the eggs?

  9. So lovely, so spring ! You've got me thinking of a wreath with birds and nests. I'm inspired !


  10. haha, i HAD to laugh when i got around to catching up on my favorite blogs last night and i saw this post. i made a remarkably similar one after oogling a much more expensive pottery barn version. great minds must think alike! :)

    and to Jenny above: i got my eggs at joann fabrics. mine are colored more crazy easter colors, but they were 50% off, so i got a whole container for $2.

  11. This is such a fresh springy idea! Thanks for sharing, love your blog!


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