Monday, April 12, 2010

Dreaming in White

I've been on a bedroom kick lately. Since we moved in over a year ago now, there has been very little done to our bedroom. I painted it light blue and immediately hated it. That’s as far as the decorating has gone. Pretty bad I know.  So I've been thinking.... and trying to get some inspiration for the room. I've always wanted pure white bedding. A comfy all white bed reminds me of good times..... In high school my mom always took me on a "school clothes" shopping trip every year. We would drive the 2 hours to Costa Mesa and stay the weekend at the Westin Hotel and shop all day, then eat tiramisu at night. If you've ever been to a Westin Hotel then you know they are known for their "Heavenly Beds". It is the best hotel experience I’ve ever had; you never want to get out of bed. I wanted to re-create the "Heavenly Bed" experience in our room. So after years and years of wanting, I finally made it happen! A heavenly bed is not just any white bed by the way! It includes high thread count, down, and pure comfortableness. In order to make that happen this is what I did....

We've had a tempurpedic topper for a while now, so that helped get us started. Add a down comforter, with 720 thread count duvet and sheet set. At least four pillows is mandatory, and I would still like to add two European Shams and a bolster as well.

I'm tellin’' you.... this bed is A-MAZ-ING. I never want to get out of it! It completely makes up for the rest of the room being a complete disaster.   But I have plans for this room. But like the rest of my plans, it will come to fruition in time... a long time. Here is what my room looks like tonight....

 The Duvet was from Bed Bath and Beyond $80, normally $120.

 Orchid plant I bought today at Target for $19.99.
 Striped sheet set from T.J. Maxx for only $29.99!!! Score for cheapness + high thread count. Gotta love TJ!
 I've been looking at a few inspiration photos like these:

I want to hang a big starburst mirror like this....

Pottery Barn
Above the bed, in front of a wall of curtains like all of these...

And add a long bolster pillow to the bedding, with two matching lamps...

And then paint the walls with Benjamin Moore's Rever Peweter paint...

Other imspiration imgages that I Likey:

Heavenly Beds...



Maybe some mis-match side tables, one round like this...



Two matching lamps on each side of the bed. Something like these...


I found this one at World Market, for $69, but I'm going to hold out for a cheaper one since I need two.

I would also love to put a chair, side table and tree in the corner of the room. 

A tuffed chair like this...


A modern accent table like this...


And a real potted tree like this...

So who knows if this will happen. By the time I can afford to complete it I will probably have changed my mind. Hopefully not. My plan is to purchase one item at a time, browsing ebay and craigslist first! =)

It is nice to get a start on our bedroom. It makes me feel like an adult to have a "nice bedroom". =)


  1. I love all of your plans. I love those lamps. We are twins, we did the wall of curtains back in Jan and I painted our bedroom white. Love the curtains and the white walls had to grow on me. Here is to many nights of sweet dreams on that awesome bed!

  2. I have the same bed!! Love your ideas! The one photo you have labeled Decorpad that's Melaine over at mysweetsavannah.blogspot.com That room was done on a budget! Don't know if you are familiar with her blog or not? You should take a stroll around her home! LOVE IT! Although I need just a little more color in my life ;)

  3. P.S. glad your back! Missed ya!

  4. Luvn that chair from Tarjay, I like ur picks.

  5. i miss our trips!! i remember one year, after we'd been shopping all day we were at a restaurant (can't remember the name) and a cute young waiter came clear across the restaurant just to wait on us, well not US but YOU. you were embarassed because he'd taken our table from the regular waiter. that's what i get for having such a hottie for a daughter!! xxoo

  6. Love what you're doing. Where'd you get the pineapple finial? I've been trying to find one of those forever! It seems like I was seeing them everywhere, then when I'm trying to find one, I can't. lol, figures :)


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