Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Ugly Truth Comes Out

I know, I know... AGAIN I have been the world’s worst blogger. I come bearing NO Excuse! Maybe just one... this online masters program makes me really hate the internet. The computer has become my enemy instead of my ally. It is a tool in which professors can torture you with pointless group assignments, yet where is this said group? Okay, that’s all the complaining I'm allowing myself for today.

Moving on.... 
To make up for my lack of boggerness (I think we should add that to Wikipedia!) I have decided to show you some really nasty photos. Beware; these are not for the sensitive eye. With my iphone in hand I snapped a few shots of my house. I consider myself a thoroughly clean person, most of the time. However, his is not the case today, or this week for that matter.  No, we have not recently had an earthquake of monstrous measures. And No, I have never even seen a tornado in my life. And No, I do not have 5 kids running around making disasters (or even one!). 

So how has this happened you ask?   Now you have found me speechless. I present to you.... the evidence.

A sewing/homework mecca, a calamity of coffee, chocolate and fabric.

 As if there was not enough fabric mess on the table, I needed to strew it across my floor; then leave it for 24 hours... and counting.

You ain't seen nothin' yet! ;) Here is where it gets ugly.
Paint swatches that have been on the walls for about 6 months. At least I have decided NOT to use any of those colors. Blankets, clothes, shoes, and  bags have no home here; the floor will do just fine it appears. And who needs to really make the bed...? It is just going to get slept in again. 

I keep telling myself when we re-do this room with a big hotel-like all white bedding; I will want to actually start making the bed, just like this one...
(Pottery Barn)

There is just no reasoning with this one...

Now THIS is what is really driving me crazy! A messy kitchen, eww. That is one thing that really gets under my skin. Usually I can blame it on my husband, but not today. This one is alllll me. Latte mess, mail, sewing patterns (in the kitchen?), drug store bag hanging on the cabinet..? Why did I do that?
Changing this beautiful view is definitely on the priority list today. 

Last but not least I present the breakfast nook/laundry room. 
This is not a new development, it is one that I have been looking at for about a week now. For my birthday THREE weeks ago, I received an espresso maker from my parents; so why is the box still on the table? Must throw away! That green comforter.... well it doesn't fit in our washer so it has been on the floor for weeks. I'm dreading the laundry mat. 
So there you have it. The hard, cold ugly truth; humans are messy, especially this one. And does Pottery Barn truly expect us to believe this is how someone's house always looks....


  1. oh but if only our houses could always look like that last picture - the lessening of our stress loads would likely be enough to create world peace or something almost as wonderful!

    seriously, though, i've done the online college thing w/ group projects and have invisible groups members - you have my sympathy indeed, my dear, indeed!

  2. My house closely resembles yours right now! its only totally clean on the weekends when my hubby helps me and we do a marathon clean session! I feel your pain sister!!

  3. You are super brave to do that, but it's not even that bad! You should see our bedroom. I only make it when my mother in law is here... and that's not too often. ha!

  4. bravo for showing your home in such a chaotic state! it's not as bad as you think it is though! xo

  5. HA! I was just thinking about you! You should have seen my house today!?!?! It would def make yours look like that pottery barn catalog! ;)

  6. Glad to see someone brave enough to post what their house looks like when life gets crazy! You should see my bedroom right now, a total indication of what my life looks like after a husband being gone a month because of a new job promotion, Easter and a trip away for spring break!! Great and funny posting!!

  7. LOVE this post... It's SO REAL & So ME!! I have a charity meeting next Monday at my home and I will be spending the weekend cleaning & organizing like a mad woman. When you have 20 women in your home, you pray that it ends up looking like the Pottery Barn catelog!

  8. I'm totally feeli' ya. Twin one year olds and a three year old leave me w/the same predicament. Messy house! And when I do get a little free time I'd rather be organizing. Breathe and let go, that's my mantra I'm working on.

  9. Oh how I know what you are feeling right now. Just started a new job and finishing the last weeks of school which always seem to be the hardest. My dust bunnies have turned into dust RHINOS!!!

  10. hee hee! i love the "real" photos...makes me feel a little better knowing i'm not the only one!
    i would love you to pop over to my place and help me name my new girlie-sofa! she's in desperate need for a name and i have a little gift for the successful namer, too!! :)
    thanks so much!!


  11. Messy or not I love the "Happy Spring" chalk board on your screen door :) I wanted to let you know that I gave you the sunshine award! Thanks for making the world a cuter place! Check it out here:


  12. Funny, life gets crazy and the house normally comes last! Have a wonderful weekend!


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