Thursday, April 22, 2010

A new Niece for Me!

Earth Day was a great day... I have a brand new niece named Evie Aurora Hearron. She was born at 3:45 (ish) and is 7lbs 8oz. and 19" long. She is so tiny and so cute. It was great holding such a brand new human in my arms. She kept making all of these little squeaking noises that were adorable, like a little kitten noise.
Here she is with Ryan... he is a great uncle.

And here she is with her Daddy (my bro. in law Brandon) and new big brother Mavrick. He was not excited about having someone else to share the attention with, UNTIL he saw her. Then he was in love. It was the cutest thing... he whispered to her, "I love you, awwww so cute." We all about died right there.


  1. Congratulations !!! She is gorgeous. Enjoy her.

  2. She is precious! Congratulations! Hope yall have a great weekend! ~andrea

  3. Oh I would have died too!! She is adorable!!! How fun to shop for and spoil a niece!!!

  4. Congrats!! Aren't siblings sweet sometimes? :)


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