Friday, April 23, 2010

Pack it Up... Vintage Style

When we moved into our new yet old (1947) house about a year ago, we found a few treasures laying around in the garage. One of those treasures was this great vintage luggage trunk.

It was love at first sight. Do you ever see something that makes you think "This is SO me!"? That is how I felt about my newly inherited trunk. So in honor of my wonderful free trunk I decided to bring you a day of Vintage Luggage put to good use...

Apartment Therapy


FCH magazine

Oakland's Waterfront Hotel

Eric Piasecki for Elle Decor

The Pand Hotel

 Apartment Therapy

Okay, So THIS is my idea... I want to take my trunk and put in on to of a vintage looking luggage rack. Like this one for 29.99 from Bed Bath and Beyond...
Or like this Potter barn Luggage Rack...

And set my old trunk on it to use as a flat screen TV stand. Is that a stupid idea? I searched for "vintage trunk tv stand" under google images and did not find anything like what I am imagining. Now I'm thinking this is weird idea. But at the same time I can't help but think I would love it. The problem would be where to put the DVD player and the Wii, and all those cords...! Ahh. I hate cords, they are all over my house. I dont how to hide them. I should work on that one day.

These are the closest images I found, but imagine a trunk instead of a suitcases with a TV sitting on top. Would that be weird? Help!

Country Living



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  1. Karli,
    If you head over to my post you will see how we have used a steamer trunk for the same purpose. Please excuse the bad photography and unfinished projects. I'm still working on the rooms as we just moved here in February plus I'm trying to cram 1800 square feet of stuff into 1200 square feet. (So NOT happening!! but its slowly being thinned down to the loves, not just likes or tolerates.)

  2. Wow, what a great trunk! I like your idea but if it was me I would worry about it getting knocked over or applying too much weight to the luggage rack, causing it to break. But I guess it depends on how big your TV is. And yes, I hate cords too!


  3. I hate cords! Can't everything be wireless already? The only problem I can think of with the tv on trunk on stand would be the sturdiness of the stand with the additional weight of the tv. As far as the dvd player, you could put a bookcase of some sort next to the stand for the other equipment.

  4. Thats a sweet trunk! I too have the cord dilemma but luckily we can hide all the tv related ones behind my monstrocity of an armoire! I have a ww2 naval trunk thats solid wood and HEAVY as my coffee table and it holds all of our dvd's. I LOVE IT! Its the most impractical thing when you have a toddler because it has steel corner caps on it and pointy-ness all over...but he's never lost an eye so I'm keeping it! lol

  5. Oh and p.s. I think your tv stand idea is adorable! You might want to build your own luggage rack though out of 2/4's or something so you know for sure its sturdy enough to support the weight of the trunk and then the tv. I bet knock off wood has something on it that you could adapt to a luggage rack. Let me know if you find something!

  6. How lucky are you to find something like that?!? All our previous owners left us was a heeping helping of reeeeally bad decor choices!! ;) Oh and about using it as a t.v. stand and thinking it's wierd because you couldn't find anyone else using it that way... that's just NONSENSE! Don't let that stop you!! Imagine if Edison thought "well maybe that's just wierd" Or what about the dude that invented computers or the internet!?! I realize we're talking about a t.v. stand but my point is there's always that one person who gets the ball rolling!! ;)

  7. So I'm thinking you could drill two holes into the trunk. One on the top for the cords to go down into and one in the back for the cords to come out of. The bulk of the cords could be coiled up inside with just the necessary length coming oout the back. It sounds fantastic! Just make sure it's super steady :)

  8. Love all the vintage suitcase images!

  9. We have decided to purge the old entertainment unit and was looking around the house for a substitute to put the tv on. And what I came up with was an old cedar chest that is about the right height. Googled for trunk/tv stand ideas and nothing pops up. Hoping to rearrange the furniture tonight and see if it looks as good as I think it will

  10. Will be doing the same thing in a few weeks with an old luggage steamer trunk I bought for $40 -- about 2 feet high and 3 feet wide.

    My plan is to hide the the digital boxes inside, stacked, and then line up their respective panels where they receive input from the remotes -- and cut a small hole(s) where they are and cover them from the inside with wire mesh to better hide the cuts.

    In the back I will drill two 2-3 inc. diameter holes and use one of those cord organizers (or just a zip tie) to organize the cords going in and coming out of the back.

    The best part is, if it doesn't work, I'll only be out about $40 and it can just be used at the end of the master or guest bed to store extra blankets, etc.


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