Friday, August 28, 2009

Sliver of Silver

About a week ago, on my lunch break I stopped in at Goodwill. It was is if I had a theme in my head while I looked around because I came out with a bunch of chrome (or silver) finds. I found this little two tiered silver finished stand for $1.50.

It would be great for a little hors d'oeuvre tray but for now its sitting in my bathroom holding my girly goodies.

I must not be able to get enough of these silver stands since this is already my second one in a month! About a month ago I found this bigger three tiered tray at Marshalls at TJ Maxx that I talked about in this post.

It is currently in my bedroom being used as a Jewelry stand.

I also found a set of three air tight canisters. I put them next to my coffee maker and will put coffee beans, sugar and tea in each. Only $3.50 for the set.

And last but not least, I am super excited to have a towel bar. I've been looking for a cheap one for a long time. We took out the nasty wood one that was there when we moved in, and have been towel-bar-less since then. So I did a little happy dance when I found a brand new in the box towel bar for $3.50! Much better than $20+ from everywhere else I looked.

I haven't put it up yet, I think I'm going to have Ryan do that part.


  1. my silver tiered tray that i got at a yard sale holds medicine above the microwave!

  2. Hey girl! You're front page news at Kimba's today!


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