Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

 Happy Halloween!!!

My sister Kacey came over yesterday and after a trip to the grocery store we started baking while listing to a lil' Harry Connick Jr. We made some Swiss Chocolate cupcakes with sugar frosting. It was a fun day.

 My cupcakes are the messy ones. The ones that look good - well those are my sisters. I've never claimed to be an artist. =)




We also dressed the pups up in their Halloween costumes...
Sadie Bella was NOT happy with me.

But I think Rocky really liked his, he wore it all day almost. He loves it. I always call him my little pumpkin anyways...


 Tomorrow I'm dressing up as this crazy spider covered ghost lady. It was pretty much the cheapest thing at the Halloween store that didn't include the word slutty (sorry) its its description. 
Last year I was Kat Von D from Miami Ink (pre- LA Ink).


  1. Those cupckaes came out great. Love the Kat Von D. costume. I liked her so much better then...

  2. Cute cupcakes and perfect Kat Von D. That was a great idea! I just posted about when I used to dress up my poor dog!

  3. K, major yum on the cupcakes,and major CUTE puppies! (And the shelter where we got our Bogart said 'rottie/golden mix' Good call!)

  4. SO Cute!!

    You're costume was awesome last year!! I was "Pixey" last year from LA Ink... Too Funny!

  5. You've been AWARDED!

  6. Karli~ you won my giveaway! Send me your address and I'll send your goodies out. Congrats!!

  7. Thanks for stopping by to visit; as stressed and over-busy as I feel these days, coming over to your blog always has just that warm and inviting feel for me. It makes me want to fix up my place, clean up, and scour etsy. And you make it look possible, which is another nice bonus. Don't need more sources of insecurity with the holiday season coming, such as Martha "just make your own pinecone candelabra." NOT a good thing.

  8. Hello Karli! I love your blog. I found you over at Mustard Seed - congrats on winning her furniture makeover giveaway. You really deserved it. I also see from your profile that we have something in common. I used to be a makeup artist as well. Pop over for a visit sometime. Kim


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