Thursday, October 29, 2009

Here's Hoping...

The very first blog I ever read was that of Anna maria Horner. I religiously followed her every post for over 10 months before I ever read another blog. Then the domino effect occurred. This blog led me to that blog, so on & so on. Who would have known there was so many good ideas out there. But my first love was the colorful, cozy home of Anna Maria Horner and this is my favorite photo from it. This photo makes me think of a warm, inviting home. Once I saw his photo, part of me began a mission to make this happen in my own home. I enjoy decorating even on a tiny budget and just doing whatever it is that I like, whether is might look good to others or not. I want to have a warm, cozy home that reflects my family.
When we were searching for our first house, one of the main things I really really really wanted was a fireplace! Needless to say, that didn't happen. I told myself I was just fine with that and I wouldn't even notice.I grew up in a house with a huge brick wall fireplace that heated the entire house. It was great, and I always loved it. I still love having a fire at my parent house.  These last couple of days its been getting chili in Bakersfield and... well... I've been thinking. I know I cant get the warmth of a fireplace since I don't have one, but maybe I could get the "feel".  So I've been "craigslisting" for a fill in- just the mantle. I can put candles under it and hang stockings at Christmas.

This one got away...

I wanted to paint it a creamy white and put a bunch of candles under it, but someone beat me to the punch and now its gone.

I've also seen some electric fireplaces, those tend to be a bit more. Does anybody have any experience with an electric fireplace? Do they look ridiculously fake, or do they feel cozy...? I'd love to know someones experiences regarding a faux fireplace.

Here is an electric one...

image from wecovet.com

LOVE this...

  image from apartmenttherapy.com

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that an amazing deal on a great faux fireplace will pop up on craigslist sometime before the Holidays begin. Its my new obsession.


  1. I have only seen one electric fireplace and it looked fake.

    I have seen them on makeovers for bathrooms on HGTV and they looked great. It may be worth looking into.

  2. By looking at your blog...I can tell you're very talented at giving a great facelift to furniture pieces. My junk girlfriends and I have each made a fireplace or two out of various items...bookshelves, old doors, boards from old patio furnitue, etc. Start by finding a bookshelf or something with good "bones" to use as the frame/shape of the faux fireplace. Then accent with various trim pieces. Have fun!!

  3. We have a traditional fireplace in our basement...but neither my husband nor myself like the smell of burning wood and we didn't want to invest in gas logs for the basement. So we added an electric log insert/heater. We dressed it like a real fireplace with a screen and stacked wood on the side. Our guests have to do a double take before they relize it's fake. It quickly takes the chill out of our basement and creates a great ambience...

  4. Hi Karli...

    I came over from Ms. Musturd Seed's Furniture Friday redo...I just loved what you did with that pretty little cabinet and so I decided to take a spin around your blog! I was so excited to find your faux fireplace post...I'm right in the middle of doing a faux fireplace in my living room! When I began, I didn't know anything about faux fireplaces so I've been doing alot of searching! I found my mantle...just love it and now I've been busy trying to make it look more real and less faux! Hehe! Anyway...wishing you the best in finding the fireplace of your dreams, my friend!!! Love all the inspirational photos you put up for us...such eye candy!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  5. A friend has one, and I don't think it looks bad. I think the key is making it look built in--not leaving it on a large blank wall with nothing around or above it. You seem to have a very good eye, so I don't think it will be a problem for you. I think may of the styles they have look better in older homes (my friend's was built in the 1940s), because they're not always so modern. Personally, I prefer a older looking piece, anyway. I would get it and try it out--if you don't like it, it can always be returned!


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