Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Revamp: Funky Damask chair

I'm back with an update on one of my goodwill finds that I told you about in this post.

I picked this up for $14. and spend about $6. on fabric (that was 40% off). I got the paint for free from my parents left over from what I used to re-do a built in cabinet for them. I used Deep Torquiose from Laura Ashely. It is the same color that Edie used on her armoire that I love!

Once the paint was completely dry, I went over it with light sand paper. I did one more super light coat on some sections. Once that was dry, I distressed the edges and anywhere that normal wear and tear would show. Now that some of the original wood was showing through and everything was dry- I used Minwax wipe on Poly. Let dry, and reattached the newly upholstered seat.
I think I'm gonna sell this one, I have too many chairs.

*update: the fabric is from Waverly and it comes in a few different colors. You can get it at most big fabric stores.


  1. love, love what you did.... its like a new chair.. very refreshing!

  2. Wooohooo it turned out great! I love the print on the fabric and the blue with the orange.

  3. Hi Karli! We attended Vanguard together. Melissa showed me your blog last weekend when I was visting her. I love it! I really love this chair. I recently bought a house and I'm having fun decorating on a dime. = ) I'll keep reading your blog to steal ideas. I've been thinking about starting to blog, we'll see.
    Take care,

  4. Hi there! Just found your link from ASPTL. I love this redo! Would you mind if I featured it on my blog? (with credit to you of course!)

  5. I love the colors! Great job...

  6. Love it! What a great find and a FABULOUS make over. I just found a chair from one of my local thrift stores and did something similar. Had a lot of fun and so easy!


  7. I am in love with that fabric! Do you mind sharing where you found it? Thanks, and awesome job!

  8. Decided to browse thru some of your older posts this evening- I'm glad I did- I LOVE this chair!!! I'm also a fan of Edie and her make overs. I think her kitchen is adorable! ;)


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